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VIP Bonuses, Commissions, and Perks

Exotic Reward Cruises

Each Winter join other Top VIP Members aboard an exotic reward cruise. What could be better than laying on a hot, sandy beach in winter, enjoying all the exotic locales the Caribbean has to offer?

You could earn Hotel & Ocean-view Balcony for TWO plus $1,000 Airfare Credit, includes taxes, and gratuities!

Cash Bonuses

Yes, you can earn cash for being a V.I.P. member. How? Share Beyond products by any avenue you feel comfortable, whether it be social media or face-to-face with friends. We are looking to put money in your hands for your efforts.

How much can you make?

That is entirely up to you! You are the master of your own destiny. Some of our V.I.P. members make a good living sharing and other simply get their product for free monthly*.

Lifestyle. Time-freedom. Success.

Expand Your Account. Expand The Possibilities.

When upgrading to VIP, you will gain access to the mobile app and also unlock advanced settings in your account which allows you to customize your prospective Team member's shopping experience using your personalized storefront.

Keep Track of Bonuses and Commissions

At a glance, see where your cash is coming from.

Edit Store Products

Have a sales strategy? Tailor your store to include only the products you want your customers to see!

View Your Team

To keep track of commissions, it is helpful to see your team and what they are doing.

Edit Main Navigation

To simplify the customer experience, the default navigation contains only the very basics. You can expand the menu as a VIP.

Toggle Sampling Callout

Have a SampleShare strategy? Toggle this feature off or on.